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Handyman Service Rates

$ 39 per Hour (3 Hr Minimum)


$ 79 2 Hour Handyman Special!


Rates are Labor Only.
Customer is responsible for providing all materials.  All Dogs must be secured during service call.

Home Maintenance Checklist

Service Request Form


► Change Heating/ Air Conditioner filters to ease the unit's workload.

► Clean exhaust fans in kitchen & bathrooms to keep them well ventilated.

► Remove lint from Clothes Dryer's interior/exterior vent to avoid fires.

► Inspect Washer hoses, replace if needed, preventing water & mold damage.

► Flush Water Heater to remove sediment and improve efficiency.

► Clean hard to reach Windows, Screens and Gutters.

► Perform Home Security Check.  Install Exterior Lighting for added Security.

► Identify Child Safety issues, including automatic pool gate lock feature.

► Tighten bolts, lube & inspect Garage Door's Safety auto-reverse feature.

► Inspect, clean & replace, if needed, Garbage Disposal and Faucets.

► Lubricate, repair & seal Windows & Doors preventing heating & cooling loss.

► Clean and Organize Garage or Home office; help organize donations.

► Sharpen Knives, Scissors & Lawnmower Blades (for better lawn health).

► Fix slow running Drains by removing hair in Sinks and Showers.

► Check Sink & Bathtub Caulking: repair if needed to prevent Mold.

► Check Kitchen, Bathroom Faucets & Dishwasher Hoses for leaks and mold.

► Check Water Pressure valve, Faucet Aerators and Shower Heads.

► Test home's Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters to avoid electric shock.

► Replace hard to reach Light Bulbs & Smoke Alarm Batteries.

► Test Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors; inspect Fire Extinguishers.

► Check & clean Refrigerator Coils and Gaskets, preventing energy waste.

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